You are invited to the 9th Annual Cookie Exchange to take place at First Presbyterian.

Take a break from the holiday rush and share the Christmas spirit with old and new friends.


The exchange will take place as a part of Church Family Night on December  at approximately 7:15 PM. You bring 3 dozen cookies of one variety and go home with 4 cookies each of 9 different varieties for a total of 3 dozen. So the exchange is fair to all participants, we ask that you follow the guidelines listed below.


Guidelines for the Exchange:

1. Bake 3 dozen of your favorite Christmas cookies. Divide the cookies into 9 baggies with 4 cookies per bag. Cookies must be homemade and baked.

2. The theme is Christmas Cookies. So that there will be a wide variety of special cookies, we ask that you consider something beside Toll House Chocolate Chip. Cookies that represent your ethnic heritage would be great!!!!

3. ABSOLUTELY NO PEANUTS! We have Church School children with severe allergies. If your cookies contain other kinds of nuts, please label them.

4. Bring copies of your recipe to distribute with the cookies. The church office will be happy to photocopy it for you.

5. Bring your cookies in a box or cookie tin, which you will then use to take your “exchanged” cookies home. Remember some cookies are very fragile to transport.

6. Only those who bring cookies can participate in the exchange. In order for the exchange to take place with a minimum of distraction, participants must be at least 14 years old.